Design & Prototyping

Bringing your vision to life.
Ingenuity and attention to detail, no matter the application.


We work across many fields and industries, to help deliver ingeniously designed, high-tech and beautifully-engineered solutions. Whether deploying technology in public spaces, interactive way-finding furniture for retail, rugged IoT devices, or robotic platforms, we have the capabilities to deliver solutions for real world problems.

Our work is not limited to enclosures or cases; we're product designers, so we're able to help in taking your product concept from the lab to the real-world, no matter the application.

With our manufacturing and assembly services, we're then able to produce your product; from the supply of custom component parts scaling up to fully assembled turn-key products.

Explore how we can help:

Product Design & Development

We specialise in the design of high-tech products and solutions for a wide range of applications, including IoT, ruggedised equipment and robotics. Our design studio is tightly coupled with both prototyping and manufacturing facilities, enabling us to quickly iterate and develop finished products.

Industrial Design

In addition to the technical products we design, we also design products for non-technical applications that utilise specialist materials, highly-technical processes or even specialist manufacturing methods.

Process & Manufacturing Design

As we understand how the product is designed and manufactured, we're able to help design the processes and manufacturing flows required to build products on the scale required.

Jigs, Assembly Tools & Poke-Yoke

Whether for one-off or low-volume manufacture, or even if you manufacture products to high volumes, we can help to design jigs, assembly tools and lean production systems (like Poka-Yoke guided assembly) for speed, quality and consistency.

Samples Archive

Our design studio holds thousands of part and component samples from our partner manufacturers, along with reference kits for many common IoT and compute boards. From automation to electrical, electronic to mechanical hardware — what we don't have to hand, we can source rapidly.


Utilising our fully equipped facilities we're able to produce mockup, limited feature, and fully functional prototypes.

We’re equipped to manufacture parts and prototypes, along with the machines and assembly tools needed for production, all within our own facilities. Utilising rapid manufacturing (such as 3D printing) combined with traditional precision CNC machining, we can produce fully functional parts, whilst validating the manufacturing processes required for final production.

Whether you want to test and evaluate your product, need a sample to demonstrate to customers or investors — or even just want a show piece for your office, we have precision CNC, plastic working, metal working, rapid fabrication and specialist assembly systems to bring your ideas to physical form.

When you’re ready to make your finalised product, our assembly and production services provide you with one-off, batch and on-demand manufacturing, parts management and even order fulfilment.

Explore how we can help:

Design Sampling

Our design studio incorporates painting, model making and electronics facilities, allowing us to quickly move from design to mockup during the design process, and to produce physical models of aspects of designs or entire outlines of designs.

Prototypes & First Batch

Once a design is established, and features have been finalised, we can produce prototypes or even the first batch of a product in our facilties, and as necessary fabricate the jigs and assembly tools needed.

Non-Functional Mockups & Models

Whether exploring designs, or requiring pre-production models for display, product photography or presentations, we can produce non-functional mockups and models — even with simulated UI/UX and electronic displays — expressing the form of the final product.

Functional & Limited-Feature Mockups

When a single functional feature of a design needs to be explored, or whether all of the functionality needs to be tested, we can produce functional and limited-feature mockups. Whilst lacking key technology at often an early stage in the development of a final product, they enable testing and design validation for interactive functions.

Props & Model Making

We also produce props and models of highly conceptual designs for museums, film/TV and other applications where the look and feel of a technical item is required.


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