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Bespoke design

We specialise in bespoke enclosures, cases, racks, frameworks, mounting systems, machine stands/cabinets, chassis, structural assemblies — and just about anything else related to the physical build-out of technical products and integrated systems.

We design and prototype and manufacture and assemble everything in our own facilities, and work with a wide range of partners to provide specialist capabilities.

Core to our design philosophy, we believe in simplicity and ingenuity, and always look to be compatible with industry-standard mechanical, electronic and automation standards. Whatever the industry or application — whether it be a desktop RF analysis instrument or an autonomous warehouse robot — we offer flexibility and adaptability through our ingenious designs.

Learn about our design and prototyping services to help in developing your physical product, or contact us to discuss your needs, and how we can help.

Explore how we can help:

A small selection of the styles and types of enclosures — both large and small — that we can design and make.

CNC Machined Enclosures (inc Aluminium & Plastic)
Folded Sheet Metal Enclosures (inc Aluminium & Steel)
Folded Sheet Plastic Enclosures
Machine Cabinets & Stands
Robotic Workstations
Control Panels
Welded Metal Enclosures
Aluminium Profile Chassis
Risers, Mounting Trays & Structures
Printed, Engraved & Machined Faceplates
3D Printed Parts & Components
Composite Panel Enclosures
Potting Boxes & Resin Sealed

Customisation & Modification

We provide modification and customisation of off-the-shelf enclosures, structural components and parts for your application. From custom faceplates and machining, to coating, labelling and engraving — all backed with our design and prototyping and manufacturing and assembly capabilities.

We offer a wide range of our own pre-engineered designs that we stock or manufacture to order, and in partnership with leading manufacturers we're able to offer a comprehensive range of designs to work with — giving you a starting point to build your physical product.

Explore how we can help:

Precision CNC Machining, Drilling & Slotting
Faceplate Cutouts & Engraving
Vinyl & Polyester Labelling
Custom Colours & Coatings
Standoffs, Mounting Trays & Structures
Fitted Connectors, Cable Assemblies & Wire Looms
Pre-Assembly, Part-Assembly & Parts Kitting

Our facilities

We have well-equipped facilities able to take on even the most challenging of projects, and we tap into a strong network and ecosystem of partners and suppliers. From precision CAD/CAM to CNC machining, metal forming and 3D printing, we're not only capable of designing and prototyping, but we're able to physically engineer, fabricate and deliver finished products ready-to-go.

Whether rapid prototyping to trial early ideas, assembling one-off projects, or all the way up to regular batch manufacture - our facilities are to be found at the centre of every solution.

Learn more about our facilities …


We work across many fields and industries, and are excited to supply many leading labs, technology companies and startups.

Explore just a few of the applications our products are used within:

IoT & M2M
Industry 4.0
Assembly & Manufacturing
Future Labs & UX Research
Retail 3.0
Research & Education
Interactive Arts, Film, Installations & Events
Energy & Environmental


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