Manufacturing & Assembly

Fabricating and assembling specialist products for high-tech applications.


We specialise in manufacturing and assembling high-value specialist products in low-volumes, on-demand or in customised batches.

Utilising lean production methodologies combined with smart designs and rapid fabrication technology, we're able to benefit from techniques used for high-volume manufacture to improve the quality and precision of low-volume production. From jigs and Poka-Yoke guided assembly, to Kanban and 6s, we always strive to make manufacture and assembly as lean and effective as possible.

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We specialise in the manufacture and assembly of high-tech products and solutions for customers. With design and prototyping inhouse, we can help take your product from concept to production.

Enclosure, Chassis, Part & Component Manufacture

Utilising our UK based facilities, we can produce a wide range of enclosures, cases, chassis and other external and structural components for your products.

Alongside this, we can produce mechanical parts, faceplates, cable looms, connector assemblies and many other mechatronic components for your needs.

Finished enclosures and parts can be supplied in a form to suit your final manufacture, whether flat pack, part assembled or pre-kitted, and marked/labelled as needed for your processes.

Component, Sub-Assembly & Final System Assembly

Once parts and components have been manufactured, we can provide a wide range of assembly services, ranging from component and sub-assembly, all the way to final system assembly with customer-issued parts.

Modification & Customisation

Ideal for very low volume manufacture or for highly customised products, we can provide modification and customisation of off-the-shelf components or even your existing products on a per-unit and per-batch basis.

QC, Testing & Traceability

We're able to offer QC and testing, from visual inspections and electrical continuity tests, all the way up to high-level diagnostic routines and pre-loading of software/flash memory.

We can also provide traceability to the level required for your application, including ABC analysis and BOM tracking of customer-issued parts.

Fabrication & Special Projects

With our design and prototyping expertise, and flexible lean production facilities, we can tackle unusual applications with ease. From one-off builds to highly unusual applications or industries, deployments or projects that prove to be a challenge, or times when you need something unusual or challenging to be solved, we can provide specialist fabrication and engineering to help solve the problem.

Explore just a few areas we can help:

Film, TV & Stage Props
Product Displays & Exhibition Stands
Photo Booths, Interactive Installations & Museum Exhibits

Tools & Jigs

We design and manufacture custom tools, assembly equipment, jigs and Poka-Yoke/Lean equipment, to help customers save time and improve quality.

Whether for R&D work, aerospace engineering, for specialist fabrication (ie model making) or even for high-volume product manufacturing, we can assist in designing and manufacturing the solutions you need.

No matter the application, we produce precise, modular and maintainable tooling.

Explore some of the areas and unique applications we’ve worked on:

Faceplate alignment jigs
Precision embossing dies
QC/test sensor mountings and structures
Battery testing plates/clamps
Pneumatic clamping/retaining
Machine stands and micro-production lines
Lean workspaces and assembly systems
Model making precision bending/forming tools
Film camera brackets and rigging
Precision product lean assembly trays
Punching jigs
Model train motor/electrical testing

Our facilities

We have well-equipped facilities able to take on even the most challenging of projects, and we tap into a strong network and ecosystem of partners and suppliers. From precision CAD/CAM to CNC machining, metal forming and 3D printing, we're not only capable of designing and prototyping, but we're able to physically engineer, fabricate and deliver finished products ready-to-go.

Whether rapid prototyping to trial early ideas, assembling one-off projects, or all the way up to regular batch manufacture - our facilities are to be found at the centre of every solution.

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